Traditional Fish and Chips
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Chips + Choose Your Topping

Cheese£4.35Cheese & Beans£5.00
Gravy or Curry£4.10Cheese & Gravy£5.00
Beans or Peas£4.10Cheese & Curry£5.00
Mushy Peas£4.10Waves Taco Chip£5.25
Peas & Gravy£4.70Stuffing£4.90
Peas & Curry£4.70Add Bread & Butter£1.60

Waves Taco Chip is topped with spicy mince, cheese, and creamy taco sauce.
Chips with Stuffing is served with gravy, curry, or pepper sauce.

Steak Burgers

3 oz5 oz10 oz
Bacon & Cheese£2.85£3.75£5.00
Texas Burger£4.45£5.70

Chicken Burgers

PlainCheeseBaconBacon & Cheese
Chunky Fillet£4.10£4.25£4.55£4.65
Hot 'n' Spicy Fillet£4.10£4.25£4.55£4.65
Southern Fried Fillet£4.10£4.25£4.55£4.65
Chunky Maryland Burger£4.75
Small Chicken Burger£3.60£3.75

All burgers dressed with salad & sauce. Ask to try our secret sauce!

Steak Burger & Chip Supper

Chicken Burger & Chip Supper

Sausage & Chip with Toppings

Cheese£6.10Peas & Gravy or Curry£5.90
Beans£5.70Cheese & Beans£6.35
Gravy or Curry£5.70Cheese & Gravy£6.35
Peas or Mushy Peas£5.70Cheese & Curry£6.35
Egg & 2 Bacon£5.70
Battered Sausages30p extra